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2/3/2020 - Biblical Healing - Do Not Speak or Believe an Evil Diagnosis Speak & Believe Only our Savior’s Diagnosis! By His Stripes We WERE (& Are Already) Healed!    Video also available on Videos Page
12/23/2019 - Noahides, Gentiles & Jews-is there a difference in Messiah? If we aren’t Jews should we be Noahides?  A closer look at the Noahide Laws and teaching by Dr. Ken Johnson on Prophecy Watchers.   Video also available on Videos Page
12/16/2019 - HaGimel V'Ayin HaMachat... Camel through the eye of a needle? Or possibly a much deeper meaning?  What is easier than a rich man getting into heaven? Getting a camel through the eye of a needle, a thick rope through the eye of a needle, OR a 'Gimel' through a hole in a 'Machat'? What is a gimel and what is a machat?  Video also available on Videos Page
12/2/2019 - Jeremiah 49 Destruction in the Middle East Before the Fall of Babylon in 50 & 51 - Did you know Donald Trump recently declared Israel’s sovereignty over Hatsor? …
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