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      Yom Kippur Today & in Revelation
What Should We Do? & Is Yom Kippur in Revelation?Does YHWH tell us through the prophet Zechariah what type of Yom Kippur offering He is looking for?  Also how is Yom Kippur prophetic of Y'shua's second coming and more specifically is it found in Revelation?  For all of our programs and video please visit our website https://www.hiswordheals.com/videos
5/12/2020 - Contact tracing apps from Google, Apple, Singapore & even Israel, removal of people who test positive from homes that don’t have enough bathrooms for the positive person/people to have their own bathroom, interrogations of everyone you were near within 14 days prior to some test saying your were positive whether you have symptoms or not by an army of civilian contact tracers potentially being paid for through the FedGov’s HR 6666 and more. All of this comes from official government websites and officials from the WHO, Ventura County California, the California & New York Governors, Bill Clinton and more. Should we participate in giving out personal private information about our friends & family to government agencies or should we contact them privately and let them decide if they want to be tested, probed, poked, prodded, quarantined, vaccinated and possibly removed from their homes by government officials? Click here for podcast & video "Contact Tracing, Should We Participate?  Just the Facts."
3/30/2020 - Have We Already Received a 7 Year Warning? Most people have since dismissed the 2014-15 blood moon tetrad as all hype and no substance, but is that the case? Or were they perhaps marking the beginning of a 7 year warning? YHWH told Noah exactly when the rain would start… seven days before it started and YHWH sealed Noah and his family into the ark. Joseph also receive a 7 year warning before a great famine covered the land during which time he was instructed to prepare. Did you realize we are at the end of the 6th year since the first blood moon of the tetrad was seen on Passover of 2014? The seventh year and possibly final year of warning will begin this Passover in a little over a week. Click here for podcast "2nd Passover, 2nd Exodus & Revelation Signs"
3/23/2020 -Don’t Go on the Defensive, Keep the Offensive!  Strike Back with His Word! WE ARE OFFERING OUR PHYSICAL ‘HIS WORD HEALS!’ SCRIPTURE CDs FOR FREE!  We are just asking for $3 per CD to cover shipping via Media Mail or $8 if you would like it sooner via Priority Mail (while supplies last).  On todays program we will be playing the ‘Fear Not’, ‘Strength’ & ‘Psalms 91 Warfare’ tracks for you to enjoy. Podcast "Fear Not, Strength & Psalms 91 Warfare" Podcast Click Here!
2/24/2020 - Mystery Babylon the Great.  Who is the Daughter of Babel?  Will the ancient city of Babylon be rebuilt to fulfill the end time Daughter of Babylon prophecies? Or perhaps is end time Mystery Babylon the Great already in existence just waiting for Jeremiah’s prophesied invasion from the North by a multitude of great nations?   Video also available on Videos Page
2/3/2020 - Biblical Healing - Do Not Speak or Believe an Evil Diagnosis Speak & Believe Only our Savior’s Diagnosis! By His Stripes We WERE (& Are Already) Healed!    Video also available on Videos Page
12/23/2019 - Noahides, Gentiles & Jews-is there a difference in Messiah? If we aren’t Jews should we be Noahides?  A closer look at the Noahide Laws and teaching by Dr. Ken Johnson on Prophecy Watchers.   Video also available on Videos Page
12/16/2019 - HaGimel V'Ayin HaMachat... Camel through the eye of a needle? Or possibly a much deeper meaning?  What is easier than a rich man getting into heaven? Getting a camel through the eye of a needle, a thick rope through the eye of a needle, OR a 'Gimel' through a hole in a 'Machat'? What is a gimel and what is a machat?  Video also available on Videos Page
12/2/2019 - Jeremiah 49 Destruction in the Middle East Before the Fall of Babylon in 50 & 51 - Did you know Donald Trump recently declared Israel’s sovereignty over Hatsor? …

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