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Sign up for to be the first to know when new content becomes available!.  We are a private family ministry.  All of our digital content is always free.  We are not a non-profit but do appreciate any donations we receive.  Your donations help us to give away our physical copy CDs and Books to whomever is in need of them.  We give them away locally and at our place of business and will also send them out free upon request if you can not afford them.  Otherwise we just try to cover our costs when you order them.  Thank you for listening, sharing and supporting our ministry!  Blessings and Shalom to you all!

Note:  *We love to share His Word with anyone who will listen.  We would love to share any of the messages we've been given that interest you or you congregation in a PowerPoint format live in person if you can cover our expenses to get to your location and back.  Please email for more information.  Email us & we will get back to you ASAP! Blessings! .


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