7 Day & 7 Year Warnings in Scripture

7 Day & 7 Year Warnings in Scripture

11/08/2020 -Are We Nearing the End of Our 7 Years of Plenty?

Joseph had a 7 Year Warning Before 7 Years of Famine Began & Noah had a 7 Day Warning Before the Rain Began. As it was in the Days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man. Is it possible we’ve been given a 7 Year Warning before the 7 Years of Tribulation Begin? Is that 7 Years of Warning almost over? We’ll present our theory based upon tons of scripture & scriptural patterns as well as signs in the heavens and you decide. With all that is currently taking place in the world perhaps we’d better give this theory some serious studying and prayer time.  Click here for 7 Day 7 Year Warning Chart  & here for Expanded Revelation Chart.  Please like & share this video if you find any merit in the information provided.  Blessings!
      7 Day & 7 Year Warnings

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