Esther – Hidden Key to Prophecy

Esther – Hidden Key to Prophecy

Part 3 (Rebroadcast from July 2019 in time for Purim!)  Take another look!

Is the book of Esther a hidden road map to understanding & navigating through the end times? In this series (all four of which will be available as a series of videos on the Lamb Network His Word Heals! playlist) we will go completely through the book of Esther looking for hidden clues to these days we are living in and those which may likely come to pass very shortly. In this part 3 we go through Chapter 3-7 of Esther. On the next program we will finish up with chapters 7-10. Today we compare the exalted position of Haman with the exalted position of Lucifer and ultimately the exalted position that the Anti-messiah will have. We also compare the destruction of Haman on the wooden structure he intended to destroy Mordecai on with the wooden structure that H’Satan planned to destroy Y’shua on. Just as Haman’s wooden structure led to his destruction the wooden cross or stake also sealed H’Satan’s destruction. Then there’s the decree for the destruction of Mordecai’s people compared to the decree during the great tribulation where the Anti-messiah likewise is given authority to overcome YHWH’s people. We give you scripture in support of why we believe like in the book of Esther there will be an additional decree that YHWH’s people will be allowed to defend themselves and will overcome those that come against them just as Mordecai’s people the Jews were given the decree to defend themselves and overcame those that attempted to destroy them. This is not mentioned in the church sadly which leaves Christians believing there is no hope for deliverance from martyrdom during great tribulation. They instead put their hope in a pre-tribulation rapture which may not ever materialize leaving many without any hope once they realize they are still here and the great tribulation is upon them. Please share this prophetic message of hope with those you love. Blessings to you all and thank you for watching!

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