Esther – Hidden Key to Prophecy

Esther – Hidden Key to Prophecy

Part 4 (Rebroadcast from July 2019 in time for Purim!)  Take another look!

Doubles, doubles, doubles all throughout the book of Esther! Is the book of Esther a hidden road map to understanding & navigating through the end times? In this series we will go completely through the book of Esther looking for hidden clues to these days we are living in and those which may likely come to pass very shortly. In this part 4 we go through Chapters 8-10 of Esther and see lots of DOUBLES. Then we discuss the possible significance of the DOUBLE Purim Blood Moons coming up in 2025 and 2026 which may possible coincide with the midway point to fourth year of the 7 year tribulation IF our theory of the 80 years if due to strength has any merit. Please share this watchman’s message with those you love. Blessings to you all and thank you for watching!

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