Esther – Hidden Key to Prophecy

Esther – Hidden Key to Prophecy

Part 2 (Rebroadcast from July 2019 in time for Purim!)  Take another look!

Is the book of Esther a hidden road map to understanding & navigating through the end times? In this series we go completely through the book of Esther looking for hidden clues to these days we are living in and those which may likely come to pass very shortly. In this part 2 we compare:
Vashti the Pagan Queen– vs – Esther the Hidden Jew
Queen Vashti’s Feast – vs – the King’s Feast
7 Eunuchs, 7 Wise Princes,7 Choice Female Servants
Who is the Guardian of the Women?
Who is the King?
Is Haman a Picture of the Anti-Messiah
Will there be a Decree allowing YHWH’s people to defend themselves during the Tribulation
& MUCH More!

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