Earthquake, Thunders, Lightings, & Voices

Earthquake, Thunders, Lightings, & Voices

02/15/23 – (2 Parts below) Opening the 7th Seal of Revelation.  Four signs found elsewhere in scripture and interpreted according to the Old Testament Prophets.  Are we seeing signs that may indicate that the 7th Seal of the Scroll of Revelation has been opened and the First Trump of Revelation may be ready to sound this fall 2023?  Does Isaiah 29 speak of the Scroll of Revelation not being sealed up and unable to be read by Jews or anyone without Y’shua Messiah? Does it also tell us the Scroll of Revelation is also not able to be read by Christians even if they have Y’shua as Messiah unless they get ‘literate’ in Torah?  Does Revelation 8:5 as understood according to the OT prophets allude to drug sorceries and vaccines at or near the opening of the 7th Seal?  We look at all of this and more in this message!

Part 1 (Part 2 below)

      Earthquake, Thunders, Lightnings & Voices Pt 1 - His Word Heals!

Part 2

      Earthquake, Thunders, Lightnings & Voices Pt 2 - His Word Heals!

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