Revelation Churches, Antakya Turkey, Earthquake Canyon

Revelation Churches, Antakya Turkey, Earthquake Canyon

Olive Tree Grove Splits in Two Near Biblical Antioch!

03/05/23 – Voices, Reports, Wars & Rumors of Wars, Lightnings, Thunders and an Earthquake!  The Antakya, Turkey earthquakes the night of Feb 6th, or Tu B’Shvat on biblical calendar, split a huge olive grove in 2 with a canyon about 130 ft or 13 stories deep and a football field’s length wide! It’s absolutely amazing to see but first do you know the history of Antakya? It was founded about 300bc and is… drum roll, the new testament city of Antioch where the disciples were first called “Christians” or Messianics!  Then we start at the beginning of Revelation and begin a fresh look at the messages John received for the 7 churches.

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