09/15/21 – A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!! If you want to know what in the world is going on and what scripture says about it, watch this video through to the end! INCLUDES Seattle Space Needle New Year’s 2021 Video as intro then connects the dots of Revelation sealing of 144,000 with other NT sealing scriptures, Isaiah 8 Wizards*** that Peep & Mutter, Ezekiel 7-10 where scripture tells us about mankind’s profaning the DNA of Creation which scripture calls “YHWH’s secret”. Did you know the Hebrew word behind profane or polute in Ezekiel 7:22 means ‘bore’ with something hollow? All this and more! WE NEED TO BE ON OUR FACES IN SACK CLOTH & ASHES STARTING THIS YOM KIPPUR AND PRAY THAT WE ARE AMONG THE SEALED REMNANT OF YHWH!!!  *** WARNING… WE KNOW THAT IN THE VIDEO ONE SLIDE THAT IS REPEATED WITH THE WIZARDS HAS WIZZARDS SPELLED WRONG WITH 2 Zs.  Sorry, noticed after the video was completed and uploaded, wasn’t going to redo everything for that.  Anyway wizards should be spelled like blizzard… whoever took the second z out is the one who messed up ;).

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