Seattle Space Needle NY Eve 2021

Seattle Space Needle NY Eve 2021

Covid Agenda 2030 in your face messages.

10/06/21 – What they tell you in plain sight during the virtual New Year’s Eve 2021 virtual celebration light show (FIRST VIDEO ABOVE) matches perfectly with what Dr. Carrie Madej saw in the vaccine under a microscope (SECOND VIDEO ABOVE sent to me by a viewer of our space needle video). Colors, Cube or Geometric Shape, AND **SQUID LIKE TENTACLED CREATURE! (Even what she thinks could be graphene looks like what’s swirling around the space needle with the jellyfish!) Covid, Restructuring DNA into a new creation, Squid Game, Luciferianism, Molech Owl, all the current events, a timeline leading up to 2030 and more! Everything is tied together and revealed in their Official Space “Needle” celebration video.

Seattle News Channel King 5 YouTube Channel NYE Space Needle Video
Space Needle Page where video WAS available but has been removed (this is also the page that I have a view of in this video where you can see where the video WAS, however even this blank video screen has been removed since I made this video of it).

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