Why is Israel’s Vaccination Campaign such a ‘Success’?

02/26/2021 – Why is Israel’s Vaccination Campaign such a ‘Success’?

Israel has the highest per capita vaccination rate in the world. As of the creation of the video, 87 out of every 100 people in Israel had been vaccinated against C-19 according to the New York Times (then as of the uploading of this video, now says 90 out of every 100 people in Israel have been vaccinated). Why is Israel’s vaccination campaign such a ‘success’? Should Christians & Messianics who love the people of Israel take this as an indication of the vaccine’s safety and efficacy when making decisions for ourselves and our families? Why or why not? This video looks at articles and video clips from mainstream media and official sources to see current pandemic conditions, vaccine rates, recommendations and some successful vaccine incentives being utilized in Israel. Then we will discuss from where we should (or should not) seek out true wisdom regarding these issues. More videos like this one


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