The Great Reset, NESARA & GESARA, Debt Jubilee

The Great Reset, NESARA & GESARA, Debt Jubilee

02/13/2021 –What are they and are they all just different sides of the same coin?

Facts regarding the Globalist World Economic Forum’s Great Reset & the New Age Far Right Conservative Movement’s NESARA & GESARA with a great debt jubilee. All eerily similar. The same program but renamed and geared toward 2 different audiences? Compare these to the true biblical Jubilee. What’s the difference? Should Christians want to participate in any of this? Facts you need to know in order to prepare for what may be coming in the not too distant future.  Be a watchman on the wall (Ezekiel 33) and help to blow the Shofar by sharing this video. Educate those you love!!

      Great Reset

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