Sheep, Goats, (or Cattle) in Scripture

Sheep, Goats, (or Cattle) in Scripture

Which One are We?

      Sheep, Goats, (or Cattle), Which are we?

12/02/22 – (Originally posted 06/13/2021 (after thousands of views entire YT Channel taken down for “content violations” now re-posted on BitChute).   A followup to our video “2 Goats, 2 Brothers, 2 Brides – 1 Taken & 1 Left” . What are the scriptural & real world differences between Sheep & Goats? Did you know the Passover Lamb could be a Passover Goat? Who did Y’shua Jesus come to save? Are we all goats before we become sheep? A look as scripture you may not have considered before. Line upon Line, Precept Upon Precept, Here a Little, There a Little.  When taken all together we can understand prophecy much more clearly.  We have had some strikes on YouTube so you never know whether we will be there or on a free speech platform if YouTube bans us for telling the truth.  Please share us with your friends on social media. Help us to blow the shofar!

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