Revelation Churches Pt 3

Revelation Churches Pt 3

03/21/23 – Philadelphia & Smyrna. This week we take a more in depth look at the message to the church or assembly of Philadelphia in Revelation 3 regarding the Greek word Philadelphia which is translated elsewhere in the New Testament as brotherly love. Does the study of the church of Philadelphia present a picture of what was lacking in the church of Ephesus? When we take a look at all the passages in the New Testament where the Greek word Philadelphia appears can we get a clearer picture of the ultimate goal of believers in Y’shua Messiah as well as the steps that should be taken on our journey from faith in our first love to agape love. What does it take to be counted worthy to be kept from or escape from (as part of the church or assembly of Philadelphia) the time of great testing that may be about to come upon the whole earth? Then how does the church of Smyrna compare to the Church of Philadelphia. The Revelation messages to the churches were received by John for 7 churches or assemblies existing in the first century CE but are also prophetic messages or warnings for the assemblies of believers in the end of days just before the return of Y’shua Messiah. Warnings that need to be heeded as we enter the judgements of Revelation leading to His Millennial Kingdom.

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