Noahide 1, Gentiles & Jews

Noahide 1, Gentiles & Jews

 Why would Noahide Laws even be discussed in the US Congress let alone be passes as an education initiative?

Reposted 5/28/22 – (Originally posted in 2019 but was deleted along with the entire Lamb Network YouTube channel for “content violations”. Hasn’t happened yet but is this message even more eminent now than it was when first posted?)  Could the NOAHIDE LAWS, EZEKIEL 11 & 21, DEAL OF THE CENTURY & JORDAN’S KING ABDULLAH all be linked together in Ezekiel relating the Ezekiel prophecies to the time we are living in and things that could take place in the coming year or even months? Time will tell. This programs starts out by taking an honest look at the Noahide Laws doctrine as explained and discussed from Jewish & Noahide websites themselves, not from their opponent’s point of view. Just what do advocates of the Noahide Laws say about them, how they should be enforced, and who they apply to? Is it okay for anyone other than the Jews to keep the Sabbath? Do Christians who follow the Noahide Laws still proclaim Jesus or Y’shua as Messiah, Healer, King and only method to salvation or a place in the world to come? The answers I found may surprise you. Then toward the end (at about 41 minutes) we look at Ezekiel 11 which could be alluding to the Noahide Doctrine which I believe seeks to separate believers in Y’shua from YHWH and His promises. Then Ezekiel 21 could be alluding to a soon coming conflict involving Israel, the US and… Jordan (not just Iran, though Iran could be in there as well no doubt). Is the US seeking to overthrow King Abdullah of Jordan in order to make the “Deal of the Century” successful? BECAUSE OF THIS PASSAGE IN Ezekiel 21 I found some very surprising news stories on Middle East websites regarding Jordan and Trump’s “Deal of the Century” that are not being talked about in the US media at all. I WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS NEWS HAD ABBA NOT SHOWN IT TO ME FROM HIS WORD!! HOW EXCITING WE CAN NOW FIND OUT MORE ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON IN THIS WORLD FROM ABBA’S WORD THAN WE CAN FROM THE WESTERN NEWS MEDIA! It appears Jordan’s king is very much against Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ and therefore is standing in the way of its success if these Middle East websites are to be believed. While western media has us looking at Iran, is it possible the next flareup and overthrow of a government in the Middle East could actually be Jordan which in turn may also lead to the downfall of the current Israeli leadership as Ezekiel 21 could suggest? Watch this program and then lets watch a pray for protection over His people in the Middle East.

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