Dr. Zelenko to Jewish Rabbinical Court

Dr. Zelenko to Jewish Rabbinical Court

08/15/21 – Dr. Zelenko has treated over 6000 patients including some high profile patients for Covid and been in practice in New York for decades yet this video of what he shared with an Israeli Rabbinical Court regarding the vxxn and Covid was BANNED AND DELETED FROM MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Now on Brighteon.  How dare they! Who are they to ban what a licensed and experienced doctor has to say! This is sickening and they will pay one day when they stand before our Mighty and Set-Apart Creator for judgement. May they repent and ask forgiveness from Y’shua before it’s too late!

      Truth from Jewish Doctor to Jewish Court

Links: (8/16/2021 Zelenko’s website is down and his Telegram feed says it is because too many users all at once, is updating servers)

Original Rumble video https://rumble.com/vkrdx6-dr.-zelenko-speaks-to-a-rabbinical-court-in-jerusalem.html

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