Americas Frontline Doctors Consultation Pt 2

Americas Frontline Doctors Consultation Pt 2

Important Hydroxychloroquine Info Plus Book by Thomas E. Levy MD JD

A followup to last week’s program regarding Americas Frontline Doctors $90 phone consultations for preventatives & treatment.  I tried this phone consultation out and share the information I received as well as information I found regarding hydroxycholoroquine & ivermectin plus vitamins & other natural preventatives recommended and suggested by qualified doctors.  Here are the websites cited in this program: America’s Frontline Doctors  ;  Hydroxchloroquine video from India   ;  FLCCC Alliance I-Mask+ Protocols from AFLDs   ;  FLCCC Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance   ; Free Download “Rapid Virus Recovery” Book  (there is also a link at top of page to support Dr. Levy by ordering a hard copy book) ;     Donate to Americas Frontline Doctors  ;  Part 1 America’s Frontline Doctors Program from last week

      Americas Frontline Drs Prevent & Treat

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND DUE DILIGENCE EVEN WHEN SPEAKING WITH A DOCTOR FROM AMERICA’S FRONTLINE DOCTORS.  Ask your doctor and do your research!  While I certainly believe they are well meaning and licensed professionals with a great program meant to help foks, America’s Frontline Doctors should be questioned prior to any treatment or preventative protocol and you should still do your homework and above all pray for wisdom from the only true source of wisdom our Abba & His Son Y’shua!

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