Biblical Healing, What Does Scripture Say? (re-posted)

RE-POSTED FROM 2018 (TIP: In the first 1/3 of the video, I go over some basics that you may already know at the beginning of the video. If you understand the covenant and how we are heirs to the promises through Y’shua you can simply fast forward past that part. I try to tie everything together so we have a complete picture of biblical healing principles.) Having known several seriously ill Christians Dawn began to question God, “if you can heal your people, why is Your church so sick?’. Still wrestling with this subject after discovering Torah, Shabbats & Feasts, she was diagnosed Basal Cell Carcinoma with Aggressive Growth Pattern.In this video Dawn shares her testimony on how Abba healed her completely within 2 weeks of the initial diagnosis and what she believes she was tasked to do, as well as the powerful biblical healing principles that she learned along the way and especially afterwards while completing this task. Having been comforted by a Christian based ‘Healing Scriptures’ CD, YHWH impressed upon her to create a more Hebraic and complete healing scripture CD glorifying His Hebrew Names. While studying and compiling scriptures for the CD she put the truths she discovered into a book and this presentation.

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