To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate (re-posted)

.WWJD? (WWYD what would Y’shua do?) (re-posted from 2019 but even more relevant today than ever, vaccines were never ‘good’)  Well WHAT DOES HIS WORD SAY and WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS contained in vaccines? What do the government’s & manufacturers’ documentation and websites actually say about their own vaccinations as opposed to their talking points? They tell you the truth right in their own documentation available for all to read if people will take the time to read it. By law doctors are supposed to provide this documentation for you to read prior to administering the vaccines but they rarely do. The fact that they provide this documentation (even if you don’t know it’s there for you to read) is fulfilling the requirement for informed consent. They consider you informed and if something bad happens to you or your family after receiving one of their potions through your skin then you consented to it, you made the covenant to accept the results. Wasn’t Joshua and all of Israel held to the covenant that Joshua and the elders made with the Gibeonites even though they lied to him? YHWH held them to the covenant because they should have known better because of what He had already told them. Would not that same standard apply to us, His people today, since He has already told us what we could and could not put into our bodies? Even though they lie to us in the media and downplay or even deny all of the dangers of vaccinations, they make the truth available to anyone willing to take the time to look. In other words, shouldn’t we know better and won’t we be held accountable if we choose to ignore the available truth but instead go along to get along. Yes it is hard to buck the system and the mandates but through our Abba all things are possible. Please take another closer look at the truth about vaccinations and at the very least make a truly informed decision before you subject youself or your loved ones to these dangerous, unclean concoctions. Either way you will ultimately be held accountable, as Joshua and the Israelites were, for what you should have known and the enemy knows that which is why he makes all this information available.

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