Trump Covid-19 Warp Speed Vaccine 11/13/20 Press Conference

Trump Covid-19 Warp Speed Vaccine 11/13/20 Press Conference

11/16/2020 -Is this whole thing pre-planned? We must look beyond the surface pep talk & talking points, put on our critical thinking caps & listen to what these folks are actually saying! Who do you suppose is most likely to refuse a ‘wonderful warp speed vaccine’? The majority of the Dems or the majority of the Reps? Perhaps the reason Trump has been selected to ‘trumpet’ this vaccination is because the ruler(s) of this world know(s) most conservative Americans can not easily be force vaccinated but if MOST of the conservatives can be persuaded by a president who seems to be on their side, then they can put pressure on the rest of them. What a great way to divide conservative families… Many conservative Trump supporters, even Christians may well rush out and get in line for this vaccine because ‘it’s better that a Biden presidency… but I ask you, will it really matter in the end who is president if this vaccination is forced on every American? Wake up true Shepherds before the true Sheep are permanently scattered.  Blessings!

      Trump Covid Warp Speed Press Conference

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