The Embalmed Corpse of Israel

The Embalmed Corpse of Israel

01/07/23 – Joseph Nations Delivered Israel’s Body Back to the Land… A surprising look at the last two Torah Portions, Vayigash & Vayechi.  Are the Ezekiel prophesied dry bones of Israel with sinew and flesh on them actually the embalmed body of Israel which the Joseph nations delivered back to the land of Israel in 1949?  Did the ancient nation of Israel die with Y’shua and become embalmed 2000 years ago?  Israel the man… 7 Years of Plenty followed by 7 Years of Famine followed by the death and 40 day embalming of Joseph’s father Israel, followed by 70 days of mourning in all Egypt and then 7 more days of mourning by Joseph after he delivers Israels embalmed body back to Canaan.  Has the nation of Israel been following after the pattern of Israel the man for the last 2000 years since the ancient nation of Israel died with Y’shua and went through a 40 year embalming process?  Are we possibly entering the last 7 years of Joseph’s mourning for his father after delivering him back to the land?  We will follow the scriptural patterns in today’s program and see where they lead us.

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