Take a Stand!

Take a Stand!

06/04/22 – Draw Your Line in the Sand!  As the Aaron Tippin song goes… “You’ve got to Stand for Something, or You’ll Fall for Anything”. And boy is our world falling for anything right now, or WHAT?! It is because we have forgotten what we stand for. What is the great “falling away” or “apostasy” that will allow the Man of Sin to be revealed?  As parents do our children understand what we stand for and even more importantly why we stand for it? Especially as “called out remnant” parents are we consistent and do we stand by what we believe to be true no matter what and why do we believe what we believe? Does what we believe change with every new “fragment” found in a cave or every new extra-biblical “lost” book that is unearthed?? However, most importantly of all before we can consistently stand by what believe ‘no matter what’, do we know why we believe what we believe, and do we teach our children consistently why we believe what we believe no matter what? Or are we sending mixed and compromising messages?

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