Sukkot, Revelation, Draconid Meteor Showers

Sukkot, Revelation, Draconid Meteor Showers

08/17/22 – (Original post date of 2019, but was deleted by YouTube after thousands of views along with the entire Lamb Network YouTube Channel for “content violations”).  MAJOR METEOR SHOWERS IN 1933 & 1946.  Then maybe 2022 or 2025 (video from 2019 sites possibility of 2020 and 2022 but there is also a chance during Sukkot 2025) …and the Dragon’s tail drew a third of the stars from the heavens and threw them to the earth… Did this prophecy take place in 1933 to mark the rise of Hitler and then again in 1946 at the end of WWII just before Israel again became a nation? If so, will it happen again just before or possibly during the Great Tribulation? Again during a Sukkot some year soon? Is that possibly why we are commanded to dwell in Sukkahs for 7 days, so we can be outside to see events that take place in the heavens. Or is it possible that being told to dwell outside in Sukkahs for 7 days is a clue to be watching for the heavenly signs proclaiming end time events during Sukkot each year? We explore these possibilities and tell you about these two incredible Draconid or Draco the Dragon meteor showers that took place during or at the beginning of Sukkot marking the rise of Hitler and then the rise of Israel!

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