Mandated or Persuaded?  Or a Little of Both?

Mandated or Persuaded? Or a Little of Both?

12/19/2020 -What is Being Planned as the Covid Vaccine is Being Rolled Out? This video covers multiple mainstream and official government articles and news stories. The WHO (World Health Organization) does not recommend mandating the Covid 19 Vaccination but instead suggests that encouraging or persuading people to take it would be better. Just what might this persuasion look like and will religious leaders even help to persuade their flocks? Are these plans shaping up to be a major step toward resembling a passage in the book of Revelation which also will have DNA altering consequences on those receiving it? Will we experience a combination of Persuasion & Mandates? Exactly what is being planned and how we will be “encouraged” to comply. Think you will be able to show a religious exemption from these requirements? Think again. We’ll also show you an interview on Fox Business News of Dallas Baptist “Pastor” Jeffress who calls the Covid Vaccine a christmas gift from god (small g on purpose because he can’t possibly be talking about our Creator who says we are fearfully and wonderfully made already with no need of human gene alteration). I doubt He would give the gift of a mRNA DNA altering vaccine… Be a watchman on the wall and help to blow the Shofar by sharing this video. Educate those you love before it’s too late!!

      Mandated or Persuaded? Covid Vaccination.

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