Hezekiah’s 2nd Passover & Warnings of 7

Have We Already Received a 7 Year Warning?

April 6, 2020 – Most people have since dismissed the 2014-15 blood moon tetrad as all hype and no substance, but is that the case?  Or were they perhaps marking the beginning of a 7 year warning?  YHWH told Noah exactly when the rain would start… seven days before it started and YHWH sealed Noah and his family into the ark.  Joseph also receive a 7 year warning before a great famine covered the land during which time he was instructed to prepare.  Did you realize we are at the end of the 6th year since the first blood moon of the tetrad was seen on Passover of 2014?  The seventh year and possibly final year of warning will begin this Passover in a little over a week. Click here for 7 Year Warning/Seals Timeline Book_Seals  Click here for Trumps of Reveltion Timeline Book1_3

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2 thoughts on “Hezekiah’s 2nd Passover & Warnings of 7

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      Are the Currant born again believers The 144 thousand That are sealed and are they also the woman who flees to the wilderness?

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        Hi Laurie! Great question. I have my theories but only Abba knows for sure. However based upon scripture I believe they are those who know Y’shua as Master & Savior and hence are grafted into or back into the tree of Israel PLUS they also keep His Torah (commands, feasts, 7th Day of Rest Shabbat (4th commandment), etc) as best they can in this present time. As in Ezekiel, they are those that sigh and cry over the abominations against our Abba’s Word being committed. They are the remnant. Thank you for your question! Blessings to you and your family!

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