Ezekiel 8-11 & Revelation

Ezekiel 8-11 & Revelation

Pay Attention Watchmen & Women, We Need to Sound the Shofar.

May 24, 2020 – Who does YHWH tell Ezekiel are his brothers, relatives, kinsmen and all of the House of Israel? Are they only those that are in the land that judgement is about to come upon? Or are they those that are still scattered, that those in the land are telling to ‘stay away’ that the land has been given to them? What is the image of jealously north of the door of the north gate? Ezekiel digs into the wall of Jerusalem and is shown abominations being done in darkness or secret. What’s going on in Zedekiah’s Cave (also known to the Mason’s as King Solomon’s Quarries) under the north wall of Jerusalem? Does Zedekiah’s cave possibly connect to the tunnels under the Western Wall where the underground synagogue with the gold pomegranate globe and 70 seats are? Are the stations for the Via Dolorosa biblically considered ‘weeping for Tammuz’? The first station of the Via Dolorosa starts at approximately the Dome of the Rock which is north of the north gate and the Catholics tie lent (weeping for Tammuz) to the Via Dolorosa in their teachings. All of this as well as connecting the ‘dots’ between Ezekiel’s vision, Mark Master Masons & Quantum Dot Tracking Vaccines to Revelation’s Mark of the Beast in this video. Also includes video clip of Trump attorney Alan Dershowitz regarding forced vaccinations or indefinite quarantine (no participation in society at all unless you get vaccinated)

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