Blood Moon & Elections, LISTENING & Watching

Blood Moon & Elections, LISTENING & Watching

What Does it all Mean?  Should We Vote?

11/05/22 – Continuing our message from last week regarding a personal walk with Him and LISTENING to that still small voice while also looking at the upcoming US elections in light of the blood moon that will occur early that morning.  What could be the biblical significance of November 8, 2022 which is the 15th day of the eighth biblical month?  What might we watch for in the next several months?  And are we making a covenant with liars when we vote?  Could we be held accountable for what those that ‘win’ these elections do in ‘our’ name as ‘our’ representatives if we participate in elections whether we voted for the winners or not?  “LISTEN” and then you prayerfully decide.

      Listening & Watching...Blood Moon & Elections - His Word Heals!

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