Trumps of Revelation Pt. 3

Trumps of Revelation Pt. 3

05/09/2021 – 2 Witnesses, 2 Purim Blood Moons, Stars Fall from Heaven

Part 3 starts with the 2 Witnesses of Revelation after the 3rd Trump in the 4th year plus 2 Purim Blood Moons, an Elul Moon & stars falling from the heavens.  These events are scattered throughout the book of Revelation and we have pieced them together. New streamlined multi-part video of original 2 hour video created in Feb 2019. Perhaps even more relevant than it was over 2 years ago! Pt 1 of this video series plus the original video this series is created from & more videos like this at . Also watch an intro video to the original video called “Revelation Signs, Teach us to Number Our Days”. Here’s the Link for the Revelation Chart . We have a previous video which deals with the first 4 seals of Revelation, the Four Horsemen of Revelation which you can watch by going to our website at our blogs page . You can also sign up there for our email list and we’ll let you know as soon as each of the next videos in this series is available. This series is a simplified and streamline multi-part version of our original 2 hour video released in early 2019 which you can also watch in full at our website. The more time that has passed since early 2019 the more relevant and accurate this video appears to be. Also please become a subscriber to our new Brighteon Channel called His Word Heals! and share it with your friends on social media. Help us to blow the shofar!

      Revelation Trumps Pt. 3

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