Case Law & the New Covenant

Case Law & the New Covenant

09/15/23 – A Closer Look at the “Laws” in Deuteronomy.  Did Y’shua contradict or “add to” the laws or commandments in the book of Deuteronomy when He said “Moses allowed divorce because of the hardness of your hearts BUT I SAY…” and other such things?  Is everything in the book of Deuteronomy actually a ‘command by YHWH’?  Or is there possibly something else going on in chapters 20-25?  Are there really 613 commandments OR are MANY OF THEM possibly ‘Case Law’… BASED UPON YHWH’s actual Commandments/Laws?  Case Law decided in the authority of YHWH by Moses in his Yah given role as “Chief Justice” of the Supreme Court in the wilderness?  And then Y’shua is Chief Justice of a higher court… THE HIGHEST court?  Y’shua’s rulings would then be a “higher court ruling” while HE DID STILL UPHOLD Moses’ case law in the wilderness but brought clarification to its application.  Moses Himself in Deuteronomy told us YHWH would raise up a prophet LIKE unto Moses himself and that we should listen to all He says because He would only speak the Words of YHWH in the Name of YHWH?  THEN ALSO we see in the New Testament writings that as the Body of Messiah we are also given authority under Y’shua to judge according to the Commandments of YHWH.  Like all judges we are to take all prior Case Law into account when judging putting the most weight on what the highest judging authority (Y’shua) has said, especially when judging ourselves.  Please listen all the way to the end of this message where we tie this all into the New or Renewed Covenant which is which is also founded upon the 10 Commandments or Words of the covenant at Horeb or Mt. Sinai AND IS FIRST OUTLINED IN DEUTERONOMY!

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