2022 & Beyond with Signs in the Heavens

2022 & Beyond with Signs in the Heavens

What should we be looking for?

02/13/2022 – What signs could we expect to see for the duration of 2022 & in the following few years? Could we be in the time of Joseph’s famine or last 7 years prior to Y’shua’s (Jesus’) Millennial Kingdom (i.e. time of Tribulation)? Today we look at a Revelation Time Chart as well as pretty significant ‘signs in the heavens’ over the next few years. These signs include another total solar eclipse over the United States in 2024 on the first day of the month of Passover, a Ring of Fire Eclipse over the US in 2023 & 2 consecutive Purim blood moons in 2025 & 2026.

Along with the 2017 Great American Eclipse, these eclipses form a Paleo Hebrew Alef-Tav over the United States & a Paleo Hebrew Tav or X marks the spot over the southern tip of Illinois known as “Little Egypt” since the 1800s. Are these signs from YHWH Yahweh for the benefit of and warning to His People? If so, what message might these warning signs be telling us? What should we be doing? Should we be joining protest movements or blowing the shofar and delivering an urgent message of repentance? What does scripture tell us? We take a look at this and much more in this video.

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