10/30/2020 – 1260 days, 1290 days & 1335 days… How long?

A little different understanding of the timeline given to Daniel in Chapter 12. Are we living in the time when this timeline is being unsealed to be understood by those living in the end? (more videos like this one please visit our website at https://www.HisWordHeals.com ) How can the 1290 days of Daniel be reconciled with the 1260 days of the witnesses of Revelation and the time when Matthew says to flee to the wilderness? What about the 1335 days when those who make it that long are blessed? I believe all three of these overlap and take place during the last 3 1/2 years and I will show you how and why the differences in amount of days. Prophecy experts have been trying to decipher this timeline for centuries but Daniel was told it would only be understood when the time came, when His people would need to understand it. Are we living in that time? You decide if our understanding could be correct based upon scripture. Blessings!
      Daniel 12, Matthew 24 & Revelation 11-12

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