John sees what happens as the sealed book is being opened, cont'd...
God's Holy Spirit in me just would not let me find peace with this version. He led me to an indepth personal study of Revelation and other end time prophecy scriptures, the first of which I have shared here with you. He has shown me a more litteral translation of obviously parrallel scriptures that just make much more scriptural sense and God's Spirit has put me at peace with these litteral interpretations. I believe God wants His elect to be ready for the trials that will come upon His church before we are raptured.

Back to the question of why would God reveal this to me. I believe He is not only revealing this to me but to many other Christians who are seeking answers through His Holy Spirit. For some reason the prophecy scholars of today and the mainstream TV evangelists who are preaching the "pre-trib" rapture of the Left Behind series are not picking up on this. Yes, they are smarter than me, and yes they have most likely studied the bible longer than me. But who did Jesus reveal Himself to when he began His ministry on earth 2000 years ago? The pharasees (which were the bible scholars of that day) or normal, average, everyday fisherman, tax collectors, prostitutes, and poor people? Which of these two groups believed and followed Him and were commissioned to spread His good news throughout the world? If you are familiar with the gospels at all you know it was the latter group of average citizens.

Throughout time God has always revealed himself to everyday individuals who earnestly sought to know Him personally. Because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, we can go directly to God through His Holy Spirit and we can know Him and His will personally. We don't need to be "taught" by scholars because we have God's Holy Spirit to teach us. That isn't to say we can't study what someone else has written or teaches about the bible but we have the God given duty and right to study the bible ourselves and to expect God's Holy Spirit to reveal God's true message to US personally through His word. We should not rely solely on what someone else says or teaches. So please study Revelation and the entire bilble for yourself. You can start with what others teach but test it against what God's word actually says and what the leading of God's Holy Spirit puts in your heart. If a teaching makes your Spirit uneasy or not at peace, study that further until God's Holy Spirit gives you the answer or interpretaion that puts your Spirit at peace.

Sure this will take a while, but God doesn't expect us to know everything overnight. He wants an ongoing relationship with us. Daily devotion and study from us. Just remember God does not want His elect to be caught unaware and unprepared. He reveals everything we need to be prepared in His word. True, God says do not worry about tomorrow because He will take care of our needs. But remember He did warn Joseph of the coming famine and told him how to be prepared for it so that he and his people would not suffer but would actually prosper through it. Had he not been seeking to do God's will through obediance and a personal relationship with Him, he would not have been prepared and many would have suffered and died.
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this website Yeshua is a form of the transliterated pronunciation for Jesus' Hebrew Name and YHWH (from Hebrew letters Yod, Hey, Waw, Hey) is a transliterated form of the Hebrew pronunciation for THE LORD'S name. I will refer to these throughout this website so there is no doubt who I am speaking of. However for ease of recognition and understanding will also occasionally use the English forms found in the English KJVof the bible which of course are THE LORD and His Son Jesus.
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