John sees what happens as the sealed book is being opened, cont'd...
Back to the balances, in the face of percieved food shortages, this rider could also be attempting to make everyone equal so that no one country has a percieved excess while others have need. There is currently a push behind the scenes in the US as well as the world for a philosophy known as "The Third Way". There is even a political "think tank" self labeled "The Third Way". You can access their website at (see link to the left). You can also read more about this political ideology in the book by Steve Bastow and James Martin called "Third Way Discourse" which you can preview at . Be sure to read beginning on page 84... Here liberalsocialism is explained as a combination of ideals from "pre-facist liberalism and Marxist socialism and communism". This new combination is then coined as "The Third Way" and attemps to combine unfettered personal liberties and total equality, making everyone and everything equal.

This discourse goes on to say, "Liberalsocialism's third way accepts democratic values without qualifications; it constitutes 'a new and coherent synthesis' of liberal and socialist traditions that will serve as the basis for a new republic." When you take this discourse information into remembrance and then sift through the political think tank's "Third Way" website (which consists of information and methods for "progressives" to use in political debate against conservatism) you can clearly see in which direction these self proclaimed "progressives" are trying to steer us.

The rhetoric from our 2008 presidential elect's, primary and presidential, campaigns IMO could have been photo copied directly from "The Third Way" website's recommendations to progressives. Be sure to read their "Products" which are "how to" memos on debating the top cultural issues in the USA today. These issue memo links are located in the right hand column at (direct link located on left of this (my) page).

Okay to sum my thinking up, could President Elect Barrack Obama be the black horse that liberalsocialism (or "The Third Way") comes riding into the world scene on? Will he help bring the "solution" to the current world economic crisis of today? Will this solution be based on liberalsocialism and will it entail rationing of food and world resources in wealthy countries while redistributing the wealth from those countries around the world to poorer under-developed countries? At face value this sounds like a very noble cause but without God and His principles governing our actions any solution that man comes up with can only fail. I'm sure there will still be the ultra wealthy and powerful people and then there will be everyone else with this plan. Only 'everyone else' will be made equal in the eyes of these powerful men running things. There will be no more middle class. Ultimately of course this plan will fail, ushering the opening of the 4th seal and the arrival of the pale horse with his rider "Death" and follower "Hell". Could this be the anti-christ coming to save us...? Read on...
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