John sees what happens as the sealed book is being opened
Okay, now here comes the so-called "Four Horsemen of the Appocolypse". As I stated earlier based on what we just studied I believe the seals began being opened as soon as Jesus, as the Lamb of God, was raised to the right had of God the Father where He then recieved the book with the seals that needed someone found worthy to open them. If you study the four horsemen with this in mind you come to a totally different conclusion than what we have all been taught in recent years. The church has not been raptured yet and is still present on the earth and the events that take place as the seals are being opened have already begun. Lets take a look at what these scriptures say with this in mind:

Rev. 6:1-2 tells us that when the Lamb opened the first seal John heard a noise that sounded as thunder and one of the four beasts said come and see. Then John sees a white horse and his rider had a bow; and a crown was given unto him and he went forth conquering and to conquer. Okay the rider is on a white horse with a bow and no arrow but he is going forth conquering with the intent to conquer. The Greek word for 'conquering' and 'conquer' in this verse is translated as 'overcome' 24 times in the New Testament and the only two places it is translated as any form of conquer is right here... Practically every other use of this Greek word refers to Jesus and/or His followers overcoming evil and the world. Why would it now refer to the anti-christ and conquering only in this passage? Don't take my word for it, look it up in your concordance or even more easily on . Plus he is given a crown. Could this be the crown of righteousness that Jesus gives to His followers who continue to do His will and spread His message of salvation to the ends of the earth? This of course began shortly after Jesus was bodily raised to the right hand of the Father, after which we are told God sent the Holy Spirit upon Jesus' followers and impowered them to do His works. This has been going on and Christianity has been spreading to the entire world ever since. Okay horseman number 2...

Rev. 6:3-4 tells us when He opened the second seal the second beast told John to come and see. Then John saw a red horse and power was given to its rider to take peace from the earth, that they (those on earth) should kill one another. And the rider of the red horse was given a great sword. Okay so if the white horse and rider represent the growth and spread of Christianity then the red horse and its rider who was given a great sword to take peace from the earth could certainly represent radical Islam. Don't they use the "sword of Allah" to declare Jihad (or holy war) and to take peace from the earth by attacking unsuspecting civilians all over the world who would otherwise be living peacefully? They terrorize and/or kill anyone who is not converted to Islam especially Christians and Jews. Then of course these countries fight back, but the attacker is so illusive not being any particular country. Instead this attacker is an ideal that lives in many countries. Therefore we now see the so-called "war on terror" fought on many fronts and in many nations. The threat of terrorism which radical Islam uses is then effectively taking peace from the earth as no one in any country seems to be safe from it and it is certainly causing us to kill one another. Where the whitehorse represented conquering in the name of peace or by peacful means, the red horse represents war and bloodshed. With both of the first two seals already opened, I believe we are seeing the third seal being opened right before our very eyes today.
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