What John sees in heaven before the seals are being opened
Rev. 4:1 If you go back to the original Greek this verse can actually be accurately interpreted "With these things, I saw, and beheld a door open in heaven; and the first voice which I heard as a trumpet speaking with me, (meaning it was the same voice that was already speaking with him) said Go up hither and I will show thee what must be with these things."

All contemporary prophecy teachers teach that this verse means what it says in the KJV "After this" and "hereafter". This they explain means "after the church age" since chapter 4 is after chapters 2 & 3 where Jesus is talking to the churches. They teach that because this verse says "after" that means that the church age ends with chapter 3, the church is raptured and Revelation no longer pertains or is talking to the church. This IMO is a stretch to say the least since a close study of the literal meaning of the Greek words in the verse show that it actually does not say after but says "with". In addition to that Revelation, as we pointed out earlier, says it is being written as a message to the churches. It doesn't say just chapters 2 & 3 are to the churches then everything else is to the Jew and unbeliever. As a matter of fact at the end of Revelation in Rev 22:6 John tells us "These sayings are faithful and true; and the Lord God of the holy prophets sent His angel to shew unto HIS SERVANTS the things which must be shortly done." And then Rev. 22:16 elaborates even more saying, "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the CHURCHES..."

Revelation was written for God's servants to know what is going to take place. Churches today are very complacent and don't really even study Revelation because we are being taught we won't be here for most of it so why bother. Revelation is clearly written to the churches for their information. If most of the book is about what happens to the Jews when the church is already gone why didn't he say it was written to the Jews and unbelievers. Though I do believe Revelation is written for the Jews as well and they, Isreal, play a huge role in these end times, I also believe Jesus is mainly talking to the churches because we are his messengers to the world in these end times. A litteral study of Revelation and other end time prophecy scriptures such as Matthew 24 tell us we are still here UNTIL the wrath of God begins. I will elaborate further as we go.

Rev. 4:2 Tells us that immediately after he was told to go through the door to heaven he was in the Spirit and then he begins describing what he sees in heaven. So he's telling us that he was transported in the spirit to heaven through the door that was opened in verse 1. He was not in heaven before this nor was Jesus who was speaking with him. We have a clean slate here so I believe it is very important to note everything that John is describing that he sees in heaven.
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