Starting at the Beginning
Rev. 1:1-3 Tells who the book is about - Jesus (Yeshua). It is His "revelation" which was given to "show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass". This revelation was given to John His servant. John is then passing all things he saw in this revelation on to the world. This book then promises that everyone who reads and hears the words of this prophecy and then keeps the things that are in it will be blessed, for the time is at hand. So it is obviously very important that we read and ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand and do what is written in this book.

Rev. 1:4 Tells us who John is writing this book to. He is writing to the seven churches which are in Asia (which are understood to represent all churches throughout history as well). It does not say that only the first four chapters of this book are to the churches and then the rest of the book is to the Jews. As a matter of fact it doesn't say any of the book is specifically for the Jews which is what popular Christian teachers tell us.

Rev. 1:5-8 Tells us who Y'shua Jesus is, what He has done for us (washed us from our sins in His own blood and made us kings and priests unto God His Father) and then gives glory to Y'shua Jesus for all of this. Also tells us He will come with the clouds and every eye shall see Him and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him. He is the Alpha & Omega, the beginning and the end. Which confirms that Y'shua Jesus is YHWH God come in the flesh to save us from our sins.

Rev. 1:9-10 Tells us who John is. He says he is our brother and companion in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience of Y'shua Messiah (so obviously tribulation was already begun when John was writing this, that would be the first "tribulation" not the Great Tribulation). Then John tells us where he was when he recieved this prophecy from God. He was on the Island Patmos (which was basically jail) for his testimony and stand for the Word of God and his testimony of Y'shua. He tells us he was "in the spirit on the Lord's day" when he heard a great voice behind him that sounded like a trumpet. The Greek for Lord's Day actually just means the Day that belongs to YHWH so could also be translated as 'The Day of the Lord as it is throughout scripture. Unfortunately the church has differentiated this Day of the Lord to mean something totally different equating it with Sunday. This passage could actually mean He was taken in the Spirit to the Day of the Lord which is what Revelation is all about, the Day of the Lord.

Rev. 1:11 Tells us who's voice it was that he heard. The voice referred to Himself as the Alpha & Omega (that we know is God). He tells John to write what he sees in a book and send it to the churches (again who is this book written to? the churches or eklesia in Greek which means called out assemblies.

Rev. 1:12-17 John turns to see who is talking and the description is clearly Y'shua Glorified. John describes what Y'shua's voice sounded like and that from His mouth came a two edged sword (the Word of YHWH). John fell as though dead and Y'shua laid His hand on him and told him not to fear again reiterating that He is the First and the Last (Father God (Yahweh).
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As stated many times throughout
this website Yeshua is a form of the transliterated pronunciation for Jesus' Hebrew Name and Yahweh is a transliterated form of the Hebrew pronunciation for THE LORD'S name. I will refer to these occasionally throughout this website so there is no doubt who I am speaking of. However for ease of recognition and understanding will also simply use the English forms found in the English KJVof the bible which of course are THE LORD and His Son Jesus.
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